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Helping build the bridge between business and technology.

Specialist Recruitment and Information Technology Services.

Digital Change & Transformation is at the forefront of every Business to become more agile, innovative, customer-centric, streamlined and efficient.

A successful digital strategy requires a cross-functional team with executive leadership, marketing and information technology (IT) members.

Entasis Partners work with your business to ensure we align the right people to enable this Digital change and Transformation.

Entasis Partners can provide people to help set and deliver your digital strategy and transformation activities on a consultancy, contract or permanent basis.

Our Services Include:

Strategy & Architecture

  • Chief Architect
  • Digital Architect
  • Enterprise Architect
  • Solutions Architect
  • Technical Architect
  • Application Architect
  • Software Architect
  • Integration Architect 
  • Data Architect 
  • Big Data Architect 

Change Management

  • Head of Change Management
  • Head of Transformation
  • Head of Business Change
  • Change Director

Business Analysis

  • Business Analyst
  • Business Architects
  • Architecture Analysis
  • Business ProcessAnalysis
  • Object-oriented Analysis
  • Structured Analysis
  • Data WarehouseAnalysis, Storage and Databases Analysis

Project Management

  • Project Director
  • Program Director
  • Project Manager